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Πλήρως επιπλωμένοι χώροι γραφείων με υπηρεσίες υποστήριξης Ιδιωτικοί χώροι γραφείων από 15 έως και 50 τ.μ. δυνατότητα κατοχής προσωπικού κλειδιού. All inclusive /fully furnished office spaces Turn key offices from 15 up to 50 s.m.
with private key lock option
Εξαιρετική σχέση ποιότητας – τιμής Κανένα κόστος εγγύησης, κανένα επιπλέον ή κρυμμένο κόστος, ελεύθερη πρόσβαση στην αίθουσα συμβουλίου για τα μέλη μας. Great value for money No entry fee, no extra or hidden costs, free access to meeting room for our members Πολυτελή γραφεία σε κεντρικές τοποθεσίες Εκτός από την εύκολη πρόσβαση η οποία είναι προτεραιότητα μας, επιλέγουμε επιχειρηματικές περιοχές με καταστήματα και εστιατόρια. Prestigious offices at prime locations Apart from the easy access which is our priority, we choose business districts with shopping & dining facilities Ευελιξία στις μισθώσεις Παρέχουμε πλήρη ευελιξία στις ημερομηνίες έναρξης και διάρκειας των μισθώσεων, ενώ ο γραφειακός σας χώρος είναι έτοιμος προς χρήση. Flexibility on rentals We offer complete flexibility on start dates, lease periods and your work station is ready for use.

More than a Business Center

The key to success for your business is a combination of factors, which we widely offer in our business centers.

A place to grow your Business

Our serviced offices allow entrepreneurs to focus on their core activities rather than having to deal with day to day problems of their offices, makingbudgeting more effective and accurate. Moreover, due to our flexible short term contracts,office sizes can easily change, depending on business growth.Consequently, a startup or a self-employed individual could start with a basic structure and be able of adding additional desks whenever needed.

Being part of a Community

In servicedoffice, our target is not only to offer a fully equipped office but rather an interactive environment that will enhance entrepreneurs’ abilities to expand their operations. Being part of our network can help our members to meet other open minded people and explore opportunities to grow their business. We motivate collaboration among our members inside our branches network.

Key Locations

Our offices are always located in business districts easily accessible through major commuting facilities.We are aware of the importance of a prestigious business address and thatis why we establish our business centers at prime locations. However, it is not only about business working in anarea withshopping and dining facilities is definitely a benefit. We chose specific areas of Athens aiming to achieve a combination of optimal working conditions.

Facilities Provided

Our business centers offer a wide – range of facilities, free of extra charge, capable of covering your business needs.

What we offer

Executive Suite / Private Office

Small Business

Dedicated desk at open space

Meeting Room

Virtual Office

Elevate your business standards

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